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8years of Making Youths Entrepreneurs

It's time to start coding!


This is a special coding classes on how to code and program website and develop web applications. Classes is conducted online via the popular Zoom Conferencing App. by renowned web application developers and trainers.

You can join with or without a computer. You have access to all the live training videos in your registered account. You can join class in session or watch recorded trainings later at your convenient time.


Due to the global pandemic, training is conducted on Zoom Conference App. and made easily accessible for all registered students. Everyone can register to participate in the special coding class on zoom or watch recorded videos later. Time arrangement is available for workers and participants who wish to enter classes. Learn more here: View course detail

No prerequisite or background in I.T required. Since you can join without a computer, you can always play the live training videos available to students when you are ready to code on your computer. You will need a computer- either laptop or desktop to code whenever you have. You can join on Zoom with your phone or tablet and code along on your PC. You could likewise do both on your PC.

You will register for an account on our website and monitor your progress by your trainer. After your registration, you will receive detail of the Zoom ID and Password.

HTML & CSS languages Classes begin with orientation from 1st - 8th March 2021. Only those who have registered and paid initial installment (Ghc200) or full amount (GHc600) will be provided with training Zoom ID and Password to join. Online payment or Account number detail will be provided after registration. Reminders and further detail will be emailed to all who have registered. Furthermore login account after registration will have further detail. Please read View course detail to know all about courses.

During the training, you could ask any question by raising your hand on the Zoom by using the raise hand feature.

To get Zoom App., you can install on your smart device or PC. Alternatively, you can join Zoom directly from the official Zoom website: Click here to join Zoom with our training ID and Password you get after registering to join our classes.

Join different students who have connected from the convenience of their homes and wherever with their PC or mobile. The training is exciting, insightful and involving. Within days of joining the class, you could start programming real project!

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"Why should i learn coding?"

  • Coding and programming careers have great earning potential. The scene in the commerce world is online and I.T.
  • Speaking computer codes gives you more creative ideas to problem-solving and creating job for yourself.
  • The future of dynamic marketing and sales is online and demand remains strong for coding-related jobs.
  • When starting young and little, no one can take care of things better than you.
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Why Every Youth Should Experience ATMII Forum


Making You a Responsible Youth.


Making You a Young Successful Entrepreneur.


Exposing You to Great Networking & Associates; Awakening You to the Sphere of Great Thinking.

ATMII forum is designed to expose you, guide you, nurture you, motivate you, inspire you and direct you.

You see and hear thought-provoking talks that show how you are faring in comparison to former or previous actions.

The forum transforms your view about your skill. We make entrepreneurs from various skills. Learn how to sell your brand.

We've reached many territories in and outside Accra. We are advocating entrepreneurship. We find talented minds and help them to sharpen.

Ever experienced the INSERVICE team? They are the 'heart' that draw people towards great opportunities in all ATMII programs. They invite you.

When the INSERVICE find you, they invite you to ATMII programs. You are exposed to support systems to enhance your innovation.

Computer coding is not what you wish to do. It is a skill to acquire. It will open your mind to much creativity.

Get involved. The best time to code is while still young. We make it look simple. Become an Itrepreneur

This is what ATMII stands for. It ends with I-Innovation. After Advocating entrepreneurship we train and support you to innovate it at last!

Young Entrepreneurs Sphere

You are on a stepping stone to great explorations and opportunities you’ve never imagined! Like a dawn of another day you are here to shine. And like the day light, you sparkle. Our activity is named 'AT MII'.

Young Entrepreneurs Sphere is a non-partisan non-profit organization Advocating entrepreneurship amongst the youths since 2013. Yes, because we want you as a youth to succeed in every little thing you do. We expose you to developmental objects and concepts that are responsible for the successes of many youths worldwide. We create challenging Training programs that could sharpen your creative talents. We Motivate you, we Inspire you to think great and Innovate idea, product, service for your personal growth and development. We hold your hands through the dark days of confusion and hopelessness. By participating in our events, you can have hope.


Making youths entrepreneurs!

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Becoming An Entrepreneur


Did You Know?

With most flexible plan ever, you can now own a secured online shop bearing your sole business name such as,

Customers can now pay you electronically using all mobile money networks, visa and master card and get receipt from your website.

You can be an entrepreneur today!
Look for a societal challenge to solve.

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