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Special Practical Training For Your Living

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The Training That Turns You A Programmer!

Each year, Young Entrepreneurs Sphere organizes constructive special trainings that aim at giving special knowledge and skill to anyone who register to be trained. There is no educational background required.

Currently, minimum age requirement to be able to participate in the training is 11 years. Duration for the special trainings are 1,2 or 3 months long with per day session of 2hours. There are 5 sessions of different time in a day to choose one from. This makes it convenient for everyone- workers and non-workers to participate.

The area trained most is computer web coding or programming. It focuses on how to program or make website from start to finish by hand-coding with computer and seeing the amazing result of programming layouts, interfaces, commands and applications that bring about creativity, solutions to community problems and ultimately making you an entrepreneur of your own right.

Why It Is Special

The amazing skill training is unmatched. The purpose is to make you skillful beyond just giving you the knowledge. The resource trainers speak Akan(Twi), Ga and English languages in communicating and teaching you. The trainers have years of experience working for and providing programming solutions to different organizations. There are no theory sessions. Each training session is purely practical and direct to the coding of project with great understanding. You do not need to know how to speak English before you understand computer coding. All student participants can comfortably communicate in Twi, Ga and English to trainers.
A session is made up of people of different ages, languages and ethnicities with a common objective - to acquire skill for entrepreneurship!
They echo the words of Malcom X below:

The future belongs to those who are prepared for it today!

Impact And Benefit

Participants have benefited from these special practical trainings. In 2017, 17year old Emmanuel Osei Ababio emerged winner of the National Science & Tech Fair. Emmanuel was among participants of the 2014 special training organized. The trainees were introduced to Linux and Web Programming Languages. They developed high interest in coding and became inspired to think great. Nurtured to become entrepreneurs amidst era of mass unemployment crisis, they became innovative with their new skill. Emmanuel developed a ‘pocket’ system unit that could be powered by sola and used in remote areas where electricity is not available.

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